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21 Times You And Kanye West Had Absolutely Nothing In Common

His life is dope and he does dope stuff.

1. When Kanye invented his own theory of relativity.

2. When he he ordered a man to take a vow of silence.

3. When he got to do dope shit.

4. When he used this perfect comeback.

5. When he used this morning greeting.

6. When he stared at this photo of himself longingly.

7. When this actually made sense to him.

8. When he seduced himself.

9. When he ordered Chinese food from jail.

10. When he declared himself the best friend anyone could have.

11. When he chilled with Evel Knievel.

12. When he thought he was Jesus.

13. When he thought he was god.

14. When someone wrote a book explaining his impact on our culture.

15. When he declared himself a creative genius.

16. When he declared himself a "proud non-reader of books."

17. When he hated on just about everything.

18. When he declared himself the No. 1 rock star on planet Earth.

19. When he commented on how photogenic he is.

20. When he told Madonna that he masturbated to her growing up.

21. And of course the fact that he has a leather pants collection.