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27 Times The World Needed A Better Word For "Lazy"

Effort is so overrated.

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1. When the writer of this menu decided not to explain guacamole.

2. When this dog decided not to turn around.

3. When THIS happened.

4. When this kid was sick of writing the letter H.

5. When this cat crawled across the carpet.

6. When this postal worker took a shortcut.

7. When this pooch decided not to get up when someone was mowing the lawn.

8. When people go to the supermarket and do this.

9. When this college RA promoted fire safety.

10. When this guy didn't want to reach for his cup.

11. When someone fails to throw away the empty toilet paper roll six times.

12. When this jack-o'-lantern was created.

13. Whoever didn't do dishes long enough for plants to grow in the sink.

14. When this guy refused to buy a new razor.

15. When you realize this in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory.

16. When this dog slept through its owner making the bed.

17. When this dude took out the trash.

18. When the city planner named this park.

19. When this happened.

20. When this guy mowed a lawn on a Segway.

21. When you see someone take this escalator.

22. When this pup refused to move.

23. When someone created the "It's Good" advertising campaign.

24. When you get in bed and make the cat turn off the light.

25. When you do this to keep your dishes clean.

26. When you somehow fail to see the garbage can directly in front of you.

27. And when you BYOC* to wait on line for fast food.

*Bring your own chair.

*Bring your own chair.

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