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26 Times ESPN Made You Say WTF In 2013

The Worldwide Leader in SMH.

1. When they sold the most arrogant shirt ever made.

2. When they thought they were the E! Network.

3. When they thought they were the E! Network for a second time.

4. When they asked Kevin James about Fireman Ed.

5. When they demonstrated a limited knowledge of the human anatomy.

6. When they confused Sacramento with San Francisco.

7. When FSU had a delicious 13-game win steak.

8. When they forgot to translate this Little Leaguer's favorite band.

9. When they broke the big bird mascot story.

10. When they had nothing else to talk about.

11. This.

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12. This unfortunate banner ad.

13. This unfortunately named game.

14. When they got really into butts.

15. When they started slipping in penis references...

... in as many...

... headlines...

... and graphics...

... as possible.

16. When they said "penis" on the air.

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17. When they drew a penis and called it a sword.

18. When they showed LeBron's "O" face.

19. This headline.

20. When Brent Musburger drooled over A.J. McCarron's girlfriend.

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21. When this happened.

22. When they covered Hattiesburg high school football so as to give Brett Favre some airtime.

23. When they backed out of airing League of Denial because the NFL told them to.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty

24. When they thought it was a good idea to let Chris Broussard speak his mind about homosexuality.

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25. When Rick Reilly misquoted his father-in-law in his column about the Washington Redskins.

26. And when they thought Tim Tebow and fourth-round draft pick Ryan Nassib were more important...

Than this.