19 Things You'll Only Understand If You Don't Have A Car

    Has anyone seen my bus pass?

    1. The daily struggle to find a "friend" to give you a ride.

    2. Having your day always revolve around someone else's schedule.

    3. So you end up walking just about everywhere.

    4. Grocery shopping becomes an adventure and a workout.

    5. But on the bright side you're never forced to be the designated driver.

    6. And you never have to worry about ridiculous parking tickets.

    7. But whenever anyone tosses you the keys your face looks like this...

    8. So your life revolves around public transportation.

    9. Being able to decipher incredibly complicated bus schedules...

    10. Endless waiting...

    11. And understanding most buses and trains typically operate based on Murphy's Law.

    12. Which makes you always in a rush.

    13. And typically late.

    14. You're used to train rides without room to breathe...

    15. And creating your own personal space whenever possible.

    16. Sometimes you confuse your bus ride with a Speed sequel.

    17. And you frequently miss your stop.

    18. But no matter what — you always get where you need to go...

    19. By any means necessary.