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32 Things You Did In College That Would Horrify You Now

The struggle was real.

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1. Survive purely on ramen and incredibly cheap beer.

2. Having to be THIS resourceful.

3. Not worrying about the passed-out-shirtless-dude-on-the-bathroom-floor's well-being.

4. Stealing someone's pet while blackout drunk.

5. Valiantly attempting to drink the entire bar, and failing miserably.

6. Struggling with the most basic tasks.

7. Feeling this stressed.

8. Playing Jenga with all your trash.

9. Considering this your greatest talent.

10. Drinking and driving.

11. Being this kind of asshole.

12. Going through this much trouble to smuggle rum.

Seriously, rum?

Seriously, rum?

13. Taking this approach to classes that buried you in debt.

14. Needing to be this creative for a candle.

15. Failing this hard.

16. Having to resort to this torture.

17. Or wiping your ass with whatever is available.

18. Needing this life hack.

19. Having a wallet that looked like this.

20. Never seeking medical care for an injury.

21. Using a dull razor blade for months.

22. Taking physical risks with little to no reward.

23. Making it work.

24. Straining pasta with anything available.

25. Reusing Solo cups.

26. Having this be the IDEAL full-stocked fridge.

27. Ignoring the existence of the food pyramid.

28. Getting creative with table space.

29. Having to wait until you leave the store before you can add booze to your slushie

30. Being this lazy.

31. Acting like vodka goes bad.

32. And frequently volunteering to be THIS guy.

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