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    23 Things People Who Never Pay Attention Understand

    "I was supposed to do what?"

    1. Not realizing that this card was definitely NOT for a birthday.

    2. Believing these are the actual Pizza Roll instructions.

    3. Forgetting to "add water."

    4. Never seeing where it says "Ages 1-5."

    5. Never knowing what temperature to set the oven at.

    6. Knowing the havoc eating way too much of this causes the digestive system.

    7. Being constantly defeated by constructing Ikea furniture.

    8. Having issues with focusing during the morning commute.

    9. Never realizing you're supposed to put things back.

    10. Never knowing how gym equipment works.

    11. Mislabeling just about everything.

    12. Using too much energy for absolutely no reason.

    13. Having people angry at you constantly.

    14. Wondering why you lose things so damn often.

    15. Hating everything about tying a tie.

    16. Never having recipes turn out quite right.

    17. Never reading the details.

    18. Always feeling a nagging suspicion that you did something wrong.

    19. Forgetting to remove the packaging.

    20. Putting things back in the wrong spot.

    21. Misunderstanding just about anything anyone asks you to do.

    22. Never realizing when someone is taking a picture.

    23. And of course, constantly wondering why something isn't working correctly.