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21 Things Only Polish-Americans Understand

"How do you pronounce your name, again?"

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3. You break off a piece of the Christmas oplatki and wish your family good luck on the next year.

7. You know that eating pierogi is the most delicious way to consume potatoes...

8. Kielbasa is sausage in its most perfect form...

10. And no meal is complete without some rye bread.

11. You know śledzie (herring) is possibly the least appetizing-looking thing on the dinner table...

12. But you always have a cold beer to wash it down.

14. You know what disappointment looks like...

15. And you're bitter about Polish-born footballers that play for other countries.

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Miroslav Klose, (left) Germany's all-time leading scorer and star Arsenal striker Lucas Podolski (right) were both born in Poland.


19. Because they knew he was a saint way before he was canonized.

20. You've probably never been to Poland, but you still always tell people it's a beautiful place...

21. Because you're incredibly proud to be Polish.