There Is A Mercedes Golf Cart That's Way Nicer Than Your Car

    Finally, a luxury brand makes golf seem even more pretentious.

    Do you ride in golf carts and constantly complain about their lame boxy exterior, lackluster lumbar support, ineffective cup holders, and piss-poor horsepower?

    Are you used to living the good life and refuse to settle for anything but the best?

    Have you been dreaming of something "sensually pure" to whip around your local country club after passing along all your work on the summer interns? Well, you can stop searching, because Mercedes Benz is ready to fill that gaping hole in your life.

    Introducing the Mercedes concept golf cart, the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite oligarch, hedge fund manager, or investment banker.

    It's everything you've been looking for and more. The battery-powered cart is charged by solar panels built into the roof and is controlled by a joystick in the center consul that can be conveniently used by passengers on either side. The luxury cart's features are all controlled by touch screens — just like your other Mercedes! It also features an iPad docking station, temperature controlled cup holders and a button that yells "FORE!" for you, because why the fuck not?

    So race on down to your nearest Mercedes Benz dealership and reserve yours today!

    h/t CBS Sports