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The Year YOLO Ruined Everything

Never has an acronym spread faster or been more infuriating. Thanks, Drake!

In 2012, America's youth finally learned that we only live once.

So people got a little reckless...

And your dad decided a boat was more important than your college fund.

So you rebelled...

And finally decided to eat more catfish.

Because fuck it! You didn't even like that sandwich.

Because you're a badass.

And you want everyone to know it!

So you wrote YOLO directly in your car's blind spot.

Then you got serious and bought a vanity license plate.

Then Drake came on the radio and you decided to get a custom paint job.

Then it started to get out of control.

Swaggy H.S. bros made it their mission statement.

YOLO started popping up everywhere.

Even when it didn't make sense.

The national nightmare seemed to gain momentum.

Religion decided to get in on the fun.

People didn't realize Jesus lived twice.

So this tattoo exists.

Everywhere you looked...

Facebook vacation photos...

Coffee table...

Your wrist...

Public transportation...

Your dad's wardrobe...

It was relentless.

But it didn't belong.

It was a poop stain on the English language.

And it needs to go away forever.