The 15 Worst Ohio State Buckeyes Tattoos On The Internet


15. The “Day of the Dead” Ohio State tattoo.

14. Woody Hayes and the Horseshoe.

13. Roided-out Brutus the Buckeye.

12. Freckled Brutus stamp.

11. This super intense collage.

10. Graffiti-near-the-train-tracks font.

9. Ohio State logo — tribal edition.

7. Lady Buckeye. Complete with pink bow.

6. This 11-year-old’s doodle of something.

4. Brutus angrily pissing on a Michigan helmet.

3. Surprised Brutus peeing out of his stomach on a Michigan helmet.

2. Blowjob-loving Brutus.

1. Beastiality-loving Brutus.

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