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    21 Times George Costanza Was Actually A Twentysomething

    "I wanna bite into a hunk of cheese, just bite into it like it's an apple."

    1. When he explained the two most important things in life.

    2. When he thought about a career change.

    3. When he discovered this method to avoid people.

    4. When he wallowed in his own insecurities.

    5. When he came to this conclusion about himself.

    6. When he discovered the world's greatest dilemma.

    7. When he championed the importance of a midday nap.

    8. When he complained about his infinite bad luck.

    9. When he preached the importance of a good lie.

    10. When he avoided confrontation at all costs.

    11. When he thought too much about what other people think.

    12. When he craved cheese — a lot of cheese.

    13. When he wished away his weirdness.

    14. When he lived with his regrets.

    15. When he realized he hasn't done anything productive.

    16. When he tried — and failed — to keep up with the youths.

    17. When he complained about the dark side of hope.

    18. When he didn't think highly of himself.

    19. When he realized things aren't really going according to plan.

    20. When he tried to look at the bright side.

    21. And when he summed up the human race in one simple sentence.