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    The Ultimate Ode To Beer Vendors

    Let's take a second to thank the real heroes.

    It's time to recognize and salute the men and women who make coming to the ballpark special.

    Those stair-climbing mind readers who always know what you need.

    The daredevils who literally bend over backwards to make you smile.

    You hear their euphoric howl from the nose-bleed seats...

    "Beer here! Ice cold beer here!" They cry.

    And you smile because soon you'll be reunited with your best friend.

    You know them as "beer guy"...

    Or girl.

    Because they're here to hand deliver that golden frothy magic...


    And they always know just how you like it...

    Ice cold with a smile.

    Who's there to cheer you up when your team is down?

    That guy with the brews and Cracker Jacks strapped to his back!

    They're never hard to find...

    Just look for the stud executing the perfect pour without breaking a sweat...

    Or the person impossibly balancing countless beers on their dome.

    They'll find you when you're thirsty.

    Even if you're at a golf event.

    Because they're committed...

    To help you let loose after a long week.

    They know you've earned it.

    So next time remember to smile back and tip a little extra because they deserve it too.