The Definitive Ranking Of Banana-Flavored Things

Ranked from worst to best tasting.

18. Now And Laters

What’s worse than a tooth-shattering candy that gets stuck in your mouth for about a month? When said candy is banana flavored.

17. Laffy Taffy

It’s like Now and Later’s slightly more tolerable cousin. It won’t break your teeth, but it’ll still ruin your day.

16. Runts

Runts are an amazing and enjoyable tart candy. Why they invented a banana flavor is probably the world’s most tragic mystery.

15. Condoms

This exists.

14. Pudding

Never trust anything that jiggles. Firm rule, kids.

13. Beer

On the seventh day God rested…and Satan started his own microbrew.

12. Nesquik

Have you ever thought, “wow, I could really go for some banana milk right now?” Of course you haven’t because you’re not a depraved lunatic.

11. 99 Bananas


10. Rum

*still vomiting*

9. Ice pops

Banana ice pops are the ones you eat last in a variety pack.

8. Twinkies

Did you know Twinkies originally had banana cream inside them and then due to banana rationing in World War II they switched to a vanilla filling? Well, that’s the moment people started enjoying Twinkies.

7. Yogurt

It’s a breakfast staple, but it tastes a million times better with Strawberries — this dependance is a re-occurring theme with bananas.

6. Banana Cream Pie

Living proof that it’s impossible to ruin pie.

5. Pancakes

Nom nom nom. Give me more pancakes.

4. Smoothies

See: Yogurt.

3. Bread

No one turns down banana bread. It’s delicious and there’s never enough. It’s special occasion bread.

2. Bananas

Bananas are a truly great and versatile fruit. They’re great when you’re on the go and when you’re just CHILLIN’. Sadly, people try to make bananas into something it’s not and when you fly too close to the sun banana-flavored Runts happen.

1. Banana Split

Everything is better with ice cream. End of story.

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