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The Black Keys Sponsor A Little League Team In Their Hometown

Because that's what awesome people do.

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Within the past few years The Black Keys have skyrocketed from great indie rock band to one of the most popular and recognized rock bands in the world, but that doesn't mean the duo forgot their Akron, Ohio, roots — specifically, the West Akron Little League.

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In an incredibly awesome gesture, the Akron natives, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, are sponsoring one of the Little League's teams and told players if they mail the T-shirts to them after the season they'll autograph each one for them. The sponsorship only cost Carney — a former WABL player himself — $300.

The kids on the team don't look quite old enough to know The Black Keys' music catalog, but I'm sure they know being sponsored by a rock band is MUCH cooler than "Town Bank" on the back of their jersey.

If they're smart they'll ask for an extra adult size to wear later in life, because that's going to be a pretty cool story in college.

h/t HuffPo & TMZ

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