The Best GIFs Of NFL Week 15: Don’t Call It A Comeback

Also featuring one of the hardest hits of the season, Troy Aikman at spin class and a cotton candy photobomb.

1. Dez Bryant Throws a Hissy Fit

2. Vernon Davis Fights Wall. The Wall Remains Undefeated.

Easily one of the hardest hits of the 2013 NFL season.

3. Jamaal Charles Wants All the Touchdowns

Charles scored five TDs in the Chiefs’ 56-31 rout of the Raiders.

4. FitzMagic Lives!

The FitzMagic was short-lived as the Cardinals beat the Titans by a field goal in overtime.

5. Our Lady of Sunday Surprises, Pray for Us

It seems her prayers were answered as the Dolphins beat the Patriots 24-20.

6. Russell Wilson Is a Part-Time Magician

7. Fox Cameraman Makes Russell Wilson NSFW.

8. Sheldon Richardson Can Do Whatever He Wants

The Jets’ rookie defensive phenom rushed for this 1-yard TD to momentarily make the game vs. the Panthers momentarily interesting.

9. Frightened Nerd Referee Forced to Break Up Fight

10. Say Good Night, Case Keenum

11. Gronkowski Hoo(manawanui)?

12. You Can’t Stop Alshon Jeffery, You Can Only Hope to Fail Trying to Contain Him

13. Sad Jets Fan Is Sad

14. The 49ers Cannot Be Fooled

15. E.J. Manuel Is an Excellent Dancer

And the Bills actually won a football game 27-20 against the Jaguars.

16. RG3 Says a Bad Word

17. Kyle Orton’s Hair for MVP

18. Drew Brees Throws into Triple Coverage

The Saints were stomped out by the Rams 27-16.

19. Peace to the Giants’ Slim Playoff Hopes.

The Seahawks came to New Jersey and Eli Manning gave them five interceptions for Christmas.

20. DeSean Jackson Lives to Make Defenders Look Dumb

21. Troy Aikman Goes to Spin Class

22. Cotton Candy Photobomb

23. Jordy Nelson Does His Randy Moss Impression

24. Dez Bryant Is Not Human

25. Jason Garrett Is Excited

26. Jason Garrett Is No Longer Excited

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