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Updated on Aug 23, 2020. Posted on Sep 13, 2013

The Baltimore Orioles Brought Their Dogs To Work And It Was Adorable

Every professional sports team needs a dog calendar.

For the past several years the Baltimore Orioles have made a calendar to benefit OriolesREACH and BARCS — Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter. Over that time the Orioles have raised close to $100,000 in support of the organization. So one day a year the Orioles players bring their pets to the ballpark and have a photo shoot. It's really freaking adorable and for a great cause.

Manny Machado and Kobe his Alaskan Klee Kai.

J.J. Hardy and Layla a pit bull terrier mix.

Todd Olszewski/The Baltimore Orioles

Chris Davis and Samson.

Buck Showalter with his bassett hounds.

Todd Olszewski/The Baltimore Orioles

Nate McLouth and Lexi.

Nick Markakis with his rescue Labrador mix, Sadie; rescue Yorkie-poo, Tabby; and Blue Weimaraner, Riley.

Todd Olszewski/The Baltimore Orioles

Adam Jones and Missy, his rescue Labrador mix.

Matt Wieters with Millie his rescue German shepherd.

Todd Olszewski/The Baltimore Orioles


So if you like animals, baseball, and the Baltimore Orioles, here's where you can buy the calendar.