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    The 22 Best Plays Of A Wicked-Awesome NBA Playoffs

    Dunks! Three-pointers! Blocks!

    22. Stephen Curry's one-legged three against the Spurs.

    21. Carmelo Anthony's dunk against the Pacers.

    20. Taj Gibson's jam against the Nets.

    19. Manu Ginobili's mind-boggling pass against the Heat.

    18. Tony Parker's silly step-back three-pointer from Game 6.

    17. Andrew Bogut's ballsy slam on JaVale McGee.

    16. JaVale McGee's revenge dunk on Bogut.

    15. Stephen Curry's Harlem Globetrotters pass against the Spurs.

    14. Nate Robinson's overtime shot against the Nets.

    13. LeBron's way too easy game-winner from Game 1 of the Eastern Conference final.

    12. Andre Miller's timelessly crafty game-winner against the Warriors.

    11. Chris Paul's floater against the Grizzlies at the buzzer.

    10. Tayshaun Prince's surprising dunk in traffic and on Serge Ibaka.

    9. J.R. Smith's effortless 30-foot three-pointer.

    8. Kawhi Leonard embarrassing Mike Miller.

    7. Chris Bosh stuffing Danny Green to end Game 6.

    6. Iman Shumpert's insane put-back dunk against the Pacers.

    5. Roy Hibbert's series-changing block on Carmelo Anthony.

    4. Paul George's disgusting dunk on Birdman.

    3. LeBron James shattering Tiago Splitter's hopes and dreams.

    2. Tony Parker's incredible floater to clinch Game 1.

    1. And of course Ray Allen's CLUTCH three-pointer.