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    19 Things All Teens Have Had In Common Since Roughly 1997

    Some things don't change.

    1. Being too cool for class participation or asking for help:

    Spikssss /

    2. Having random and debilitating racing thoughts:

    SoldadoEZLN /

    3. Knowing this exact feeling of dread:

    4. Shooting your shot, missing, and scrambling for the rebound:

    Dioritegravel /

    5. Growing to love seniority:

    CrixMC /

    6. Having older generations complain about something ridiculous:

    BirdCute /

    7. Coming up with new slang that teachers and parents don't understand or use correctly:

    RGNrok /

    8. Knowing how to beat the system:

    Viicter /

    9. Trying to distract the teacher from actually teaching:

    10. Dealing with parents overreactions when learning to drive:

    11. Being overly dramatic at all times:

    12. Finding loopholes:

    Leoel_ /

    13. Embarrassing friends whenever they're on the phone:

    Skunks-And-Crap /

    14. Having this panic attack:

    wolf1799 /

    15. This feeling:

    Vincent_IsBeast /

    16. This urge:

    UncreativeAnoymous /

    17. This legit gripe:

    hzprods /

    18. These Oscar-worthy performances:

    Octember24 /

    19. And this never-ending feeling:

    absurdblue700 /

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