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25 Hilarious Tweets About Sweating That Everyone Can Relate To

*throws away another white shirt*

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*on a date* [Me] So do u like...things? [Her] Are u OK? You look nervous [Sweat pouring down my face & staining my armpits] Im going to puke


Am I allowed to take a second shower if Im sweating this much right after the first shower?


That was a fun first date! Text me whenever u want to hang out again, i'll be staring at my phone and sweating until then


Point to any area of my body and I'll bet I can sweat from there.


It's normal to work up a sweat just trying to button your pants, right?


Success is 90% perspiration, so if you see me sweating on a park bench eating cheese fries, I expect people to say "That guy's made it."


I just saw a video of John Cena bench pressing like 1000 lbs and I'm over here sweating cuz im eatin a burrito


Wow, must be annoying for people who don't wear backpacks in the summer to figure out how to get giant sweat stains on their backs!


I'll never be a Cover Girl because Cover Girls don't sweat when they eat


exercise tip: nobody can tell sweat from tears as they both stream down your face. remember to breathe, if you really still want to.


i look super hot today (sweat is cascading down my face)


Baby, I'm like a hard-boiled egg. Pale, round and sweaty


Me [sweating profusely]: can u repeat the question please Interviewer: why do u want to work here? Me [after 10min pause]: I don't


Just saw a woman working out & profusely sweating in a shirt I consider to be part of one of my top 5 night time outfits. Please pray.


*showers too soon after the big game and keeps sweating through entire press conference*


When in a verbal altercation at da club, keep arms at your side unless you're sure of your pit stain status. It can weaken your argument.


The hot look for this season is a big patch of lower back sweat!


If a genie granted me 3 wishes, all 3 of them would be to not look so sweaty in pictures.


How to Kiss: 1)Sweat 2)Calm down 3)Ignore their laughing 4)Seriously relax 5)Miss & fall down 6)Run 7)Start a new life 8)You're Joey now


If you sweat while you eat, it technically counts as working out.


Took a nap and woke up in a pool of sweat. Which is the least popular of all pools to wake up in.


I'm just gonna go ahead and assume that the girl who just passed me a note meant to call me "sweetie" and not "sweaty."


Today I discovered I can eat an entire rotisserie chicken without breaking a sweat. Not literally of course. I definitely sweated a little.


Sometimes I wish profusely sweating through your pits was a sign of intelligence.


Why is the small of the back considered a "sensual area"? That's literally where all my sweat lives.

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