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24 Struggles Only People Who Can't Spell Understand

Spell Check doesn't always work.

1. You're convinced your family never corrected you as a child because it was adorable.

2. Which resulted in spelling quizes that look like this...

3. And a lot of first round exits in school spelling bees.

4. So you Google how to spell just about everything.

Screenshot by Matt Kiebus

5. You secretly wonder why everything isn't spelled as it sounds.

6. The idea of writing on a chalkboard keeps you up at night.

20th Television / Via

7. Because copying correctly spelled words can still be a struggle.

8. Seriously, don't ask's...just...freaking...hard.

9. You've forgotten the "L" in public too many times to count.

10. Usually you triple-check every sentence you write, but when you don't this happens...

11. You really wish Hogwarts existed, but you KNOW you would have maimed someone with a spelling mistake.

Warner Bros. Pictures

12. Your snobby friends that "know how to speel" or whatever always give you shit.

13. And before Facebook statuses offered an edit button, this was a weekly occurrence.

14. You don't hold anything against the baristas at Starbucks.

15. This is how you feel whenever you're using Microsoft Word.

16. You know the shame of typing a word so wrong that spellcheck can't save you.

Screenshot by Matt Kiebus

17. And you know the blind anger caused by spellcheck fucking with your day.

18. Sometimes it takes a minute to figure out the local news blooper.

19. It only enhances the struggle to find a soulmate on OK Cupid.

20. And can result in some interestingly worded office e-mails.

21. And every time you look for a name on Google you consider clearing your search history.

22. And don't even start with the Brits and Canadians with their unnessecary "U's" in everything.

23. Basically, you wish evrything in life had a backspace button.

24. But at the end of the day you know putting letters in the correct order is totoally overrated anyway.

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