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    23 Things That'll Make Lazy People Say "Yep, That's Me"

    *hits snooze button for the eighth time*

    1. This stroke of genius:

    2. This perfect use of a webcam:

    3. This college truth:

    4. This list of talents:

    5. This apple:

    6. This feeling of dread:

    7. This creative slacker:

    8. This dream:

    9. This euphoric moment:

    10. This honest question:

    11. This anxiety:

    12. This reality:

    13. This efficiency:

    14. This level of creativity:

    15. This feat of engineering:

    16. This list of aspirations:

    17. This frequent lie:

    18. This expert use of a box:

    19. These hobbies:

    20. This level of effort:

    21. This thought process:

    22. This approach to technology:

    23. And this perfectly useless garbage bag: