24 Signs You Went To An All-Boys School

Honestly, who really needs girls?

1. You’ve heard just about every dick joke known to man.

2. You commonly refer to all of your friends by some variation of their last name.

They might as well not have had a first name, because you probably didn’t remember it anyway.

3. You remember how the mere sight of a girl sent the student body into a frenzy.

4. No one cared about what car you drove. You didn’t have to impress anyone.

5. You know how to appreciate ART.

6. And you pride yourself in your cleverness.

7. You probably never had this class.

8. And you never really matured after sixth grade.

Or knew anything about the female anatomy for that matter.

9. It may be childish, and you feel bad now, but you know it’s your duty to ridicule teacher’s names mercilessly.


10. When your farts traveled across the room you owned up to it with pride.

To this day attempts to hold in your flatulence are futile.

11. And you burped like no one could hear you.

12. Getting dressed in the morning was effortless.

13. Which is good since you were pretty delirious in the morning anyway.

14. And when it came to the dress code you knew every loophole in the student handbook.


15. It’s not a big deal or anything but you’re kind of THE authority on tying ties.

16. You got annoyed when the cool public school kids always asked, “How do you meet girls?”

Gramercy Pictures.

17. But you said yes to any Sweet 16 invite because…well…um…girls.


18. Where you danced like this. Because you’re awesome and you know it.

Oooooh, yeah, get it!

19. The dances with your sister schools were awkward as hell, but you still went because…girls.


20. You understand that high school sports aren’t simply important, but a matter of life or death.

21. In fact your entire social calendar basically revolved around them.


22. And you still have a cold place in your heart for your rival schools.


23. You have a soft spot for every movie that depicts life at an all-boys school.

Even if none of them were remotely similar to your own experience.

24. But most importantly you have absolutely zero problem telling another man how much you love them.

Because there’s nothing wrong with that.

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