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33 Signs You Eat, Sleep, And Breathe Arizona Wildcats Basketball

Bear down, red and blue!

1. You know Lute Olson is the original silver-haired fox.

Donald Miralle / Getty

2. And this was the only time you ever saw a strand out of place.

3. You know Wilbur gets all the fly honeys.

Arizona Athletics

4. You don't think this tattoo is that crazy.

5. You could probably wear strictly Wildcats merchandise for weeks without having to do laundry.

6. You know this is one of the best worst songs ever recorded.

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Seriously, that video puts the Super Bowl shuffle to shame.


7. You don't care about the NBA, but you always check the box scores for former Wildcats.

Christopher Pasatieri / Getty
Ezra Shaw / Getty
Christian Petersen / Getty

8. Because there's a ton of them.

9. You get angry when people call Derrick Williams a bust, because you know he just hasn't found the right fit.

What he did to Duke in his 32-point game in the 2011 Sweet 16 was borderline criminal.

10. You know that Steve Kerr was a cold-blooded assassin.

Arizona guard Steve Kerr rocks the fur coat during a 1987 SI photo shoot:

Andy Gray@si_vault

Arizona guard Steve Kerr rocks the fur coat during a 1987 SI photo shoot:

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11. You remember when Sean Elliott was completely unstoppable.

12. You know that Kenny Lofton was stealing basketballs in Tucson before he was swiping bases in the MLB.

Tom Pidgeon / Getty

In fact, Lofton was the career steals leader in Wildcats history before Jason Terry broke his record.

13. You know the Stoudamires are obviously the first family of college hoops.

14. You may or may not have considered getting a Mighty Mouse tattoo at some point in time.

15. You think Miles Simon should be a candidate for sainthood.

16. You think it's an absolute travesty that Jason Gardner never got a shot in the NBA.

Stephen Dunn / Getty

17. You get genuinely excited whenever Bill Walton is announcing a game because he says stuff like this...

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18. You hate Arizona State with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.

Arizona Athletics

19. You can name every player that gave Arizona the nickname "Point Guard U."

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20. You know hell is a place where they play this goddamn game on repeat.

Jeff Roberson / AP

21. You know this was one of the worst non-calls in the history of sports.

Manny Millan / Sports Illustrated / Getty Images

22. And you still can't believe Anderson Hunt got away with pushing off on Kenny Lofton.

23. You own all of these Sports Illustrated covers, and they're still in mint condition.

24. You have the 1997 One Shining Moment video bookmarked on your web browser.

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25. You erased this "coach who shall not be named" from your memory bank.

Michael Heiman / Getty

26. You know Sean Miller single-handedly saved our program.

Christian Peterson / Getty

Seriously, imagine where they'd be if Tim Floyd accepted the job offer.

27. You've also shown all your friends this video of his appearance on the Tonight Show.

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28. And you know he has the absolute best facial expressions in the business.

The many faces of Sean Miller's relationship with his towel. #Arizona

Cork Gaines@CorkGaines

The many faces of Sean Miller's relationship with his towel. #Arizona

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29. March is the only time you truly feel alive.

30. There's no one in the country you'd rather have with the ball when the game is on the line than this guy.

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31. You know this year's team is something truly special.

Ethan Miller / Getty

32. And anything short of a National Championship would be a disappointment.

Christian Petersen / Getty

33. And most importantly, you KNOW this team won't disappoint.

Ethan Miller / Getty
Christian Petersen / Getty
Ethan Miller / Getty

Bear Down, Arizona.