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    Sep 23, 2015

    21 People Who Made Pretty Questionable Decisions

    "Excuse me, but what?"

    1. The architect of this SpongeBob fountain:

    2. Whoever is behind the wheel of this car:

    3. Whoever thought putting mustard on chips would help sell cigarettes:

    4. The person who named this trail:

    5. Anyone who decides to steal from this liquor store:

    6. The genius who confused their ATM card with a quesadilla:

    7. Anyone who buys these condoms:

    8. This chill dude and his iguana:

    9. The sculptor of this erotic moose statue:

    10. Whoever made it necessary to lock up a urinal:

    11. Anyone who drinks the tap water in this town:

    12. Whoever made this doll, and proceeded to leave it in the middle of the woods:

    13. This kid and all of his life choices:

    14. The drug store employee who didn't clean this up immediately:

    15. Herman's wife Eleanor:

    16. This guy:

    17. Whoever took out an ad to sell a partially eaten turkey:

    18. Whoever bought this room freshener:

    19. The designer of this bathroom:

    20. Whoever is transporting this in the backseat of their midsize sedan:

    21. And the person who is touching that Fleshlight:

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