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21 Dinners That Will Make You Say "Me"

Nothing's easy.

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1. This overcooked pasta:

2. This open-faced sandwich:

3. This DIY pizza:

4. This childhood dream:

5. This five-star fast-food meal:

6. This dinner party:

7. This fancy ramen:

8. This dicklicious delight:

9. This sad spread:

10. This party for one:

11. Whatever the hell this is:

12. This balanced adult meal:

13. This depressing reminder:

14. This college student's makeshift supper:

15. This romantic dinner for two:

16. This manly dinner:

17. These dejected fish sticks:

18. This quick meal:

19. This celebratory feast:

20. This ominous sign:

21. And this Thanksgiving dinner with friends:

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