24 Things That'll Give '90s Kids Acid Flashbacks

    It's more than a memory, it was a lifestyle.

    1. When Pizza Hut was a sit-down gourmet meal:

    2. When this voice boomed through your speakers:

    3. When all the coolest electronics were see-through:

    4. When Wendy's colors were primarily yellow:

    5. When you had to change the Titanic VHS halfway through through the movie:

    6. Playing the Where in the World is Carmen San Diego CD-ROM:

    7. Writing down the cheat codes on a scrap of paper:

    8. Literally checking out library books:

    9. These completely useless scissors:

    10. Laser pointers being the height of technology:

    11. The taste of the blue Scooby Snacks:

    12. Using this exact paint set:

    13. The old decor of every Taco Bell:

    14. Participating in Book It!:

    15. Infomercials for Muzzy, which was basically Rosetta Stone for kids:

    16. Struggling to get this damn packaging open:

    17. Downloading the wrong song on Limewire:

    18. The greatest computer game of all time:

    19. The smell of these Koosh balls:

    20. The Scholastic Book Fair:

    21. Logging on to your personal desktop on the family computer:

    22. These pencils:

    23. The only cereal bowls you ever ate out of:

    24. And sitting in the back of one of these bad boys:

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