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Ryan Lochte's Bizarre Knee Injury Explained With Ryan Lochte GIFs

Here's how we think our favorite swimmer tore his MCL.

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Five-time gold medalist Ryan Lochte recently tore his MCL and sprained his ACL during an encounter with a fan in Gainesville, Fla. According to Janice Lee, Lochte's publicist, a teenage girl ran at Lochte, who tried to catch her, but the two fell over in the process. Lochte hit his knee on a curb. The girl was not hurt. His medical staff expects Lochte to make a full recovery.

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We have imagined a slightly different version of the events that lead to his injury.

So Ryan Lochte was walking down the street casually disrobing...

He was simply minding his own business and talking to himself...

When his future bride caught his eye.

The gold medalist then quickly turned on the silent but deadly Lochte charm...

After Lochte blew her a kiss, the lucky lady came running.

After she tackled him to the ground, he immediately cut to the chase and asked her out.

When she hesitated Lochte panicked and started lying through his platinum grill.

And then he started to believe his own lies before immediately blacking out.

The next morning he woke up with a painful hangover and wearing an enormous knee brace...

He reached for his cell phone and noticed 23 unread text messages and two missed calls...

When asked how he tore his MCL and sprained his ACL, he only had one answer...


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