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Rob Gronkowski Is Holding A Boozy Women's Football Clinic At Harvard

On a Monday...during the season.

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Rob Gronkowski is one of the most outgoing players in the NFL. He isn't afraid to take his shirt off at the bar, nor is he ashamed of taking shirtless pictures with porn stars. He also happens to be the best tight end in the league.

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So who better to offer an alcohol-fueled football 101 clinic just for the ladies than the All-Pro partier himself?

For merely $99, ladies 21 and older can mingle with the Gronk as he teaches you the finer points of being a great NFL player...

Which is mainly being blessed with mutant-esque height, speed and strength.

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But if you're lucky the clinic may also cover touchdown celebrations...

Matt Kiebus / Via

Drinking challenges...

And lots of this.

Matt Kiebus / Via

So if you're looking to learn a thing or two about football and a lot about some other stuff, this is your man.

The best things at three price points