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    Road Trips On Instagram Vs. Road Trips In Reality

    This is gonna be so much fun.

    Taking a picture using your rearview mirror on Instagram:

    Taking a picture using your rearview mirror in reality:

    "Can someone help me change lanes so I don't kill all of us?"

    Bringing your dog with you on Instagram:

    Bringing your dog with you in reality:

    "Wow, so it's gonna smell like this the whole time, huh?"

    Stumbling across an a funny sign on Instagram:

    Stumbling across a funny sign in reality:

    "Fuck you, dad."

    Visiting the Grand Canyon on Instagram:

    Visiting the Grand Canyon in reality:

    "My parents are gonna shit when they see this."

    Souvenirs from the road on Instagram:

    Souvenirs from the road in reality:

    "I don't even know why I bought this."

    Unique roadside restaurants on Instagram:

    Unique roadside restaurants in reality:

    "Just reading that sign makes me want to poop."

    Finding a monument on Instagram:

    Finding a monument in reality:

    "Whatever, I'll take a picture."

    Stopping for a detour on Instagram:

    Stopping for a detour in reality:

    "I wonder if monkeys actually throw their poop?"

    Memorable signs on Instagram:

    Memorable signs in reality:

    "Drive faster."

    Napping on Instagram:

    Napping in reality:

    "Fuck you seatbelt! You are the least comfortable thing in the world!"

    Waking up from a nap on Instagram:

    Waking up from a nap in reality:


    Grabbing a quick bite on Instagram:

    Grabbing a quick bite in reality:

    "I'll just leave the pizza on the dashboard to keep it warm."

    View out the window on Instagram:

    View out the window in reality:

    "Oh look! Our tax dollars at work!"

    Rest stops on Instagram:

    Rest stops in reality:

    "Do you think they're serious about the WiFi?"

    "Traffic" on Instagram:

    Traffic in reality:

    "Who actually participates in that competition?"

    Making memories on Instagram:

    Making memories in reality:

    "I feel like I'm going to actually die right now."

    You and your friends having the time of your life on Instagram:

    You and your friends having the time of your life in reality:

    "Next time lets just fly."

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