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Rihanna Accuses Knicks Star Of Being Hungover During Playoff Games

Singer throws J.R. Smith under bus.

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There's been constant speculation about why J.R. Smith's game has suffered so much during the NBA Playoffs.

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As the Knicks struggle during their second round series against the Indiana Pacers, Smith's social habits have been under the media microscope.

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His partying past is well-documented by his own instagram account.

So when media outlets began reporting Smith being at the 40/40 Club the evening before the Knicks home opener against the Pacers, it didn't seem far-fetched.

This picture was posted back in July during the Knicks off-season.
Instagram: @teamswish

This picture was posted back in July during the Knicks off-season.

Smith has vehemently denied these rumors on his Twitter account.

But Rihanna apparently had her own take on the situation.

The pop star, who has been linked romantically with Smith, posted a nasty response to a random commenter on Instagram this afternoon. In it, she calls the Knicks "wack" and accuses Smith of clubbing before games.

The comment has since been deleted.

And there is no evidence as to what comment sparked Rihanna's response. Instagram user @Peruvian_Gawd, who posted the screenshot from his iPhone, has deleted his account.

(Smith and Rihanna were spotted together as recently at last week, which makes the timing of her comment even more confusing.)

But we can imagine how he feels...

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