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31 Ridiculous Soccer Dives Guaranteed To Make You Angry

The not-so-beautiful game within the beautiful game.

Okay, here we go. Good luck.

1. You mad yet?

2. How about now?

3. Does this make you furious?

4. Does this disgust you?

5. Did you just throw up in your mouth a little?

6. Are you resisting your sudden need to punch through your computer screen?

7. Are you bristling with vitriol?

8. Are you foaming at the mouth?

9. What about now?

10. Are you getting worked up?

11. Getting annoyed?

12. Getting aggravated?

13. Grinding your teeth?

14. Taking slow, calculated, deep breaths?

15. Does this get you a little hot under the collar?

16. Feeling indignant?

17. Losing your cool a little bit?

18. Staring at the screen bug-eyed?

19. Have you challenged a random stranger to a fight yet?

20. Does this make you livid?

21. What about this?

22. Feeling rankled?

23. Are you starting to see red?

24. Are you no longer responsible for your actions?

25. Does this incense you?

26. What about this?

27. Are you shaking?

28. Have you ripped off your shirt and challenged your computer's manhood?

29. Are you mad yet?

30. What about now??

31. WHAT ABOUT NOW!?!?!?!?!?!

Yep, thought so.