33 Reasons Zubaz Are The Only Pants You’ll Ever Need

Who says animal striped sweatpants can’t be business casual?

1. Zubaz are perfect for lovely Saturday afternoons antiquing with the wifey.

2. It’s also the perfect accent piece for your well-groomed mustache.

3. Zubaz tell your future bride, “I take this marriage business seriously.”

4. While telling your buddies, “I’m still gonna party tho.”

5. They’re fun enough for tropical theme parties…

6. Cute enough for babies…

7. They’re versatile enough to do this…

8. Stylish enough to compliment a fly-ass Bel, Biv, Devoe t-shirt…

9. Comfortable enough for two…

10. While remaining intimidating enough for bro golf outings.


11. They were the sole reason for Will Smith’s popularity on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

12. And they were the key to the Chicago Bulls dynasty.



13. They protected Dan Marino from opposing defenses…


14. And the source of John Elway’s arm strength.


15. They fit all body types…

16. 10 out of 10 dogs agree, Zubaz pants are a huge turn on.

17. They’re perfect for Christmas…

19. And they’ll get you a million “likes” on Throwback Thursday!

20. They’re the only thing to wear in sexy shirtless selfie snapchats.

21. Because Zubaz exude confidence.

22. Rob Gronkowski refuses to get blackout drunk with college girls unless he’s wearing Zubaz.


23. Horace Grant agreed to this photo ONLY because he got to keep the Zubaz.


24. James Franco got all of his inspiration for his role in “Spring Breakers” from this pair of Zubaz.

Annapurna Pictures

25. They’re the pants of choice for TV hosts…

26. NBA Hall of Famers…


27. Male cheerleaders…


28. Future MLB all-stars…

Dale G. Young / SI

29. The Quarterback Club…


30. Swaggy bodybuilders…

31. And badass mascots.

32. Zubaz are for the fun-loving fan in all of us.

33. No matter how you wear them.

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