29 Reasons Why Pit Stains Are The Worst

First they ruin your shirt, then they go to work on your self-esteem.

1. Under arm sweat is no laughing matter.

2. It’s man’s kryptonite.

3. And a woman’s worst fear.

4. It makes the coolest musician of all-time lose his luster.

5. No matter how many layers you wear. You can never escape.

6. Sometimes it’s all you can notice. No matter what else is going on.

7. And no one can escape it…

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

8. Not even Woody Allen…

Jackson Lee, Splash News

9. This super cool emo dude can’t hide his pain.

10. Charlie Kelly said it best…

11. They RUIN undershirts!

Buying new undershirts sucks.

12. And group pics with your bros!

13. They even steal the spotlight from this granny at the strip club.

14. And when the spotlight is turned on you, it becomes impossible to control!

15. Its dark magic somehow shifts the focus away from her Hitler impression.

16. And tricks you into spelling Ohio backwards.

17. The shame and embarrassment is always written on your face…

18. It’s difficult to look sexy…

19. No matter how hard you try…


21. So we proudly flaunt our mellow yellows.

22. Wear them as badges of honor after intense workouts.

23. We smile and we accept.

24. Because this never really works.

25. And no one wants to resort to armpit diapers.

26. And abandoning deodorant would just make matters worst…

27. So we live with our moist curse…

28. OR I guess Botox is an option?!

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