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    14 Reasons Why Jim Harbaugh Is America's Slightly Out Of Control Uncle

    You love him, but you know he's got some problems.

    1. He can be a tad dramatic when things don't go his way.

    2. His three favorite loves are football, Judge Judy...

    3. And watching traffic cops.

    4. He thinks he's an expert on everything — including women's figure skating.

    5. He buys $8 pleated khakis from Walmart...

    6. And then proceeds to wear them everywhere, along with the free hat and crew-neck sweatshirt he got from work.

    7. He uses really outdated slang.

    8. He's always a little too rough around the kids.

    9. He thinks he's good at every sport.

    10. He never shuts up about his playing days.

    11. And is pretty quick to complain about his "bad knees."

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    12. He doesn't even try to hide his disappointment in you.

    13. He's impossible to play boardgames with because he takes it too seriously.

    14. And he always seems to rub people the wrong way.