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    33 Reasons It Ain't Easy Being A Mets Fan

    Spring training is usually a time for optimism, unless you're a New York Mets fan.

    1. Storage companies don't even respect us.

    2. This picture of David Wright and Jose Reyes exists.

    3. We're always a punch line.

    4. The Mets were the villians in every early '90s baseball movie.

    5. Chris Brown wears Mets gear.

    6. Lady Gaga gives us the finger.

    7. After the All-Star break, our season rarely matters.

    8. Our second baseman wears flip-flops when he goes bowling.


    9. These jerseys are only one "s" away from "Loss Mets."

    10. Keith Hernandez got so bored last season, he shaved his mustache.

    11. Generation K generated very few Ks.

    12. These are the guys who discovered cocaine.

    13. We moved Jose Reyes to second base to appease Kaz Matsui.

    14. The highest-paid outfielder for the Mets this season is Jason Bay.


    Jason Bay, who was cut by the Mets this past off-season, will continue to earn his full $16 million salary for the 2013 season.

    15. The second highest-paid outfielder is Bobby Bonilla.

    Bobby Bonilla, who last played for the Mets in 1999 and retired from baseball in 2001, will make $1,193,248.20 this season and every subsequent season for the next 25 years.

    16. This is the actual 2013 Mets starting outfield.

    17. Our doctors are the WORST in professional sports.

    18. Mr. and Mrs. Met got divorced in real life.

    19. "Who Let the Mets Out"

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    20. We traded R.A. Dickey...

    21. And two of the greatest pitchers in MLB history.

    22. Steve Phillips' tenure as general manager.

    23. The Art Howe Era.

    24. We share a city with these guys.

    25. Even when we're really good, it's easy to make fun of us.

    26. Carlos Beltran keeping his bat on his shoulder.

    27. This is how we dress for games in September.

    28. The awful black uniforms.

    29. Even our first no-hitter in franchise history was tainted.

    30. Fred Wilpon.

    31. We are constantly forced to question God's existence.

    32. This is how we spend our summer nights.

    33. And no matter how bad it gets...

    We just can't help ourselves.