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    Posted on Feb 3, 2015

    31 Reasons Visiting The Amalfi Coast Ruins You For Life

    It's hard to believe this Italian coastal paradise exists.

    1. Because there's no way this Jenga-stacking of houses can exist in real life.

    2. And the view from this window is genuinely stunning.

    3. Because this coastline is something out of a dream.

    4. A dream where this perfect rainbow seems like a daily occurrence.

    5. Because this sunset doesn’t exist anywhere else.

    6. And neither does this endlessly charming flower-covered street.

    7. Because driving along the coast is as breathtaking as it is terrifying.

    8. And it even comes complete with its own not-so-forbidden fruit.

    9. Because this view would ruin lunch forever.

    10. And this is a pretty standard view everywhere you go.

    11. Because look at all the BLUE!

    12. And these adorable pastel-colored boats!

    13. Because this staircase is downright majestic.

    14. And this tiny cove is simply breathtaking.

    15. Because this tree looks like it was planted by Jupiter himself.

    16. And this little lagoon seems like the ideal spot to kill 72 hours.

    17. Because dining al fresco will probably change your life.

    18. And did I mention the flowers?

    19. Also, the roads are enchantingly claustrophobic.

    20. And this view seriously never gets old.

    21. Because every little nook looks like a postcard.

    22. And the bays look downright sultry at dusk.

    23. Because waking up with this view is life-altering.

    24. And this seems like a pretty ideal place to spend an afternoon.

    25. Because the quaint streets are almost as picturesque as the Mediterranean Sea...

    26. Almost.

    27. Because it seriously looks like another world.

    28. A dream painted with lush greens...

    29. And streets draped in magenta vines.

    30. It's a place that looks as gorgeous during the day...

    31. As it does at night.

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