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25 Reasons Tuesday Sucks Infinitely More Than Monday

Worst. Day. Ever.

1. You wake up on Tuesdays without any remote hope for the weekend — or happiness in general.

2. You check the weather forecast and of course it's a literal hellscape outside.

3. Your attempts to start the day with a well-balanced breakfast are thwarted by the universe.

4. Because the universe knows that Tuesday is the day where you get shit on the most.

5. On Tuesday you waste your last k-cup by doing this:

6. Then you go to make yourself a sandwich for lunch and GUESS WHAT? Your loaf of bread looks like this:

7. So now you're late to work and not paying attention because you haven't had your coffee so Tuesday pulls this shit:

8. And you get to your car only to realize you didn't close the windows before last night's unseasonable storm of Biblical proportions.

9. Now you're WAY late to work when some thoughtful motorist decides to stop in THE MIDDLE OF AN INTERSECTION!

10. Forcing you to slam on your breaks and spill your goddamn smoothie all over the car.

11. So you stop at a gas station to use the bathroom and clean yourself off when you're faced with this bullshit.

12. And when you finally get to the office of course your headphones are basically useless.

13. And when you go to grab office supplies you make this kind of Tuesday mistake.

14. So you go into the filing cabinet to grab some important papers and Tuesday craps all over your life yet again.

15. Because Tuesday is the embodiment of THIS feeling.

16. The kind of agony you face when you can't even get a fucking pencil to work.

17. It's the Murphy's Law day of the week.

18. Everything that can go wrong WILL go wrong.

19. Tuesday does not abide by society's rules.

20. Tuesday exists solely to destroy any optimism you have in your life.

21. Tuesday is like having your gym locker blocked by a bench bolted in the floor.

22. Tuesday is that salsa cap that PERFECTLY blocks your sink drain.

23. Tuesday is glass is your pasta sauce.

24. It's a day of infinite misery.

25. Ban Tuesday.