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    23 Reasons Tom Hanks Would Be The Ultimate Best Friend

    T. Hanks is always there when you need him.

    1. He'd make sure all your most embarassing moments are documented.

    2. Because he knows the importance of being young at heart.

    3. And that mocking infants is perfectly okay.

    4. He would tell you all of his greatest stories.

    5. Because he has no problem spilling some of his Hollywood secrets.

    6. He'd demonstrate how to be passionate about the important things in life.

    7. And teach you how to make all your peers envious.

    8. He'd also show you all his best dance moves.

    9. Because he knows there is no problem in celebrating your own success.

    Yep, that's Tom taping his Golden Globe award to his limo — and no it's not cocky, it's called being a boss. Speaking of bosses — he's also friends with Bruce Springsteen.

    10. He'd help you open your heart and mind to new relationships.

    Universal Studios

    11. He's a distant relative of Abraham Lincoln.

    Kevin Winter / Getty
    Hulton Archive / Getty

    Yeah, our new best friend is a third cousin, four times removed from Honest Abe.

    12. But that doesn't mean he won't do bad shit with his friends.

    13. His companionship would make you as happy as a penguin...

    14. Or a corgi on a treadmill!

    15. He would get you interested in cool vintage things like typewriters.

    16. And be your ultimate pen pal.

    Back in 2012, the people at Nerdist invited the World's Most Amazing Man to be on their podcast by way of bribing him with a sweet-ass typewriter. He responded to the request with this hilariously clever letter.

    17. Because he'd remind you to never take yourself too seriously.

    18. He would always throw the greatest costume parties.

    Just call him T-Killa Hanx.

    19. He would push you to realize your potential in life — and ping pong.

    20. You could help him prepare for movie roles.

    When Hanks was filming A League Of Their Own, he needed to gain 30 lbs. — he accomplished his goal mostly with ice cream. Last year, Hanks announced that he has type 2 diabetes — so now you get to eat all the ice cream.

    21. And he'd give you awesome gifts — just because.

    Yeah, because he's the MOST THOUGHTFUL man to grace our nation's capital.

    22. He would make sure you remember the importance of family.

    This is a picture Hanks tweeted out of his family watching the USA—Belgium World Cup game — like a true American.

    23. And most importantly he'd share his wisdom on how to be the most likeable human of all time.

    Yes, Tom. Really. So stop being so modest. It only makes us love you more.

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