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23 Reasons Tom Hanks Would Be The Ultimate Best Friend

T. Hanks is always there when you need him.

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9. Because he knows there is no problem in celebrating your own success.

Yep, that's Tom taping his Golden Globe award to his limo — and no it's not cocky, it's called being a boss. Speaking of bosses — he's also friends with Bruce Springsteen.

16. And be your ultimate pen pal.

Back in 2012, the people at Nerdist invited the World's Most Amazing Man to be on their podcast by way of bribing him with a sweet-ass typewriter. He responded to the request with this hilariously clever letter.

20. You could help him prepare for movie roles.

When Hanks was filming A League Of Their Own, he needed to gain 30 lbs. — he accomplished his goal mostly with ice cream. Last year, Hanks announced that he has type 2 diabetes — so now you get to eat all the ice cream.

Yes, Tom. Really. So stop being so modest. It only makes us love you more.

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