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39 Reasons Studying Abroad In Italy Ruins You For Life

You'll never look at pasta the same way again.

1. Because the sunrise paints the sky brighter in St. Mark's Square.

2. And the espresso tastes richer.

3. Because ice cream dreams of one day being as awesome as gelato.

4. Because the Spanish Steps are a decent place for a study break.

5. Because this is what Friday night pizza looks like...

6. And cacio e pepe is basically the best tasting mac 'n' cheese in the world.

7. Because you'll always wish you lived in Positano...

8. So you could wake up with this view every morning.

9. Because lemons from Sorrento simply taste better.

10. Because the Amalfi Coast is a spectacular place to spend the weekend...

11. And go for a little boat ride.

12. Because you learn there are few things cooler than a classic Fiat...

13. Except perhaps a vintage Vespa.

14. Because CHEESE...

15. Delicious, amazing, incredible cheese.

16. Because of the way the Colosseum lights up at night.

17. And because the Tuscan hills look like a dream.

18. Because every side street is the most charming thing you've ever seen...

19. And every seaside town is paradise.

20. Because this is how Italy does churches...

21. And this is how it does beaches.

22. Because walking around Firenze is like stepping into a time machine.

23. And sunsets in Napoli never cease to amaze.

24. Because getting lost in Venice is actually enjoyable.

25. And the pace of everyday life is just right.

26. Because of the way Roma glows at night.

27. And the priceless art in seemingly every piazza.

28. Because this is a midday snack.

29. Because aperitivo puts happy hours to shame.

30. And the negronis are heaven in a glass.

31. Because all'Amatriciana...

32. Mozzarella di bufala...

33. Spaghetti alle vongole...

34. And insalata di mare.

35. Because there's a market on every street corner.

36. Because St. Peter's Basilica is genuinely awe-inspiring.

37. And every piazza is unique.

38. Because you'll miss it every day from the moment you leave...

39. Because there's no place quite like it in the world.