29 Reasons Minor League Baseball Is The Best

Sports entertainment in its truest form.

1. Gimmicks are encouraged.

A Yankees affiliate showed up on opening day in Yellow Taxi Cabs.

2. They’re prepared with Mario Brothers in case the game sucks.

3. Batdogs > Batboys

4. These seats cost $12.

5. Kurt Russell was a .292 hitter during 4 years in the minors.

6. Randy Mario Poffo was a minor league baseball player before he became “Macho Man” Randy Savage.


7. “Stadium traffic” doesn’t exist…

9. And so does this!

10. Because teams wear jerseys dedicated to Harry Potter

11. And Chewbacca!


12. Other teams simply dress to impress.

13. This is how managers act when they’re thrown out of the game.

14. Because the minors are the setting for arguably the funniest baseball movie ever: Bull Durham

15. This cutie might be sitting next to you.

16. The Fort Worth Miracle’s George Costanza Night

The scoreboard ran from the ninth inning to the first, fans were paid money to park, teams wore the opposite home/road uniforms and the players asked the fans for autographs.

17. The Charleston Riverdogs Nobody Night

In an effort to set a record for lowest attendance for a baseball game, the Riverdogs locked fans out of the stadium until the 5th inning when the attendance was recorded.

18. Where else can you bash a printer on a professional baseball field?

19. Interesting promotional opportunities.

20. And creative giveaways.

21. Awesome logos like the Eugene Emeralds…

22. Montgomery Biscuits…

23. And the Lexington Legends.

24. Teams even let you pee on their logo if you feel like it.

25. You might see a superstar during a rehab game…


26. An up and coming superstar before he reaches the majors…

27. And you might even know the name of this “minor league guy.”

28. You can’t sumo wrestle on the first base line at Yankee Stadium.

29. And most importantly, Bill Murray doesn’t do this at major-league games!

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