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21 Reasons Mexico's Head Coach Should Be Your Favorite Human Being

Forget your family and friends, Miguel Herrera is all you'll ever need.

DISCLAIMER: This post has absolutely nothing to do with Miguel Herrera's truly amazing coaching job. Sure, his ability to take over a dysfunctional Mexico team and transforming it into one of the best stories of the World Cup is a great story, but this post is solely dedicated to something EVEN BETTER — celebrating Miguel Herrera — the man.

1. Because this is what his face looks like when he gets excited.

2. He once celebrated by burying his head in another man's crotch.

3. He has a productive and respectful relationship with referees.

4. Because there is no one happier to be in Brazil.

5. Because this inexplicable Spanish ska music video featuring Miguel and a cannon.

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No words.

6. Because this is how he looked in his playing days...

Herrera had a 14-year club career in Mexico and was considered for the 1994 Mexican World Cup team, but lost out on the chance due to his hotheadedness — aka overflowing PASSION.

7. Because MULLET.

8. And because he proudly has a framed picture of his glorious mullet.

Yeah, that haircut was not a mistake, he was damn PROUD of his mullet.

9. Because he was nicknamed "El Piojo" (meaning louse or pest) during his playing career.

10. Because he gives ZERO fucks.

11. And he doesn't take shit from anyone.

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12. Because he's a master of the photobomb.

Que tercia y atrás el metໜhe jajaja

13. And he looks like a Danny DeVito doppelgänger in this picture with Tom Brady.

El me pidió una foto no se quien es, ni si a ganado algo, pero le hice el d໚ al chavo

14. Because he's totally metal...

Esta foto fue en la presentación de la canción de @moderatto para @miseleccionmx @MovistarMX

15. And a fearless thrill seeker...

Ayer me aventé en paracas. Se siente incre໛le!

16. Who loves moster trucks...

Con el piloto de El Diablo JP Ruggiero del show Monster Jam. Incre໛le el carrito.

17. And manning a charcoal grill like a motherfuckin' boss.

18. Because rain or shine, he always brings his A-game.

As Roger Bennett from Men In Blazers so eloquently put it, Miguel Herrera has experienced "more happiness [in one goal celebration] than any Englishman has felt in [his] entire generation."

19. Because no one in the world can match his passion.

20. In fact, he's overflowing with so much passion that you never know if he's laughing, crying, happy, angry, excited, or in extreme pain.

21. Because this beautiful, magnificent man has made this World Cup a lot more fun.

Mexico will face off against Netherlands at 12:00 p.m. on June 29.