27 Reasons Kids Are The Most Extreme Athletes

Mountain Dew heals all wounds.

1. They’re always setting lofty goals without worrying too much about whether they can achieve them.

2. While never hesitating to challenge the laws of science.

3. They know to expect the unexpected.

4. They’re resourceful.

5. And they trust their parents’ guidance more than they probably should.

6. They know that they’ll encounter setbacks.

7. And there won’t always be someone to catch them.

8. They’re in it for the pure adrenaline rush.

9. One failed kick-flip…

10. And Razor scooter trick at a time.

11. Because with practice…

12. Comes perfection.

13. Whether it be in the pool…

14. The front yard…

15. In the park…

16. On the street…

17. Or in the classroom…

18. They don’t worry about sketchy equipment…

19. Or safety.

20. They live for the moment.

21. And they let the moment sweep them…

22. Off their feet.

23. They know there’s no room for hesitation.

24. They don’t worry about what tomorrow may bring.

25. Because they’re living life.

26. And no staircase…

27. Or rooftop is gonna stop them.

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