21 Reasons Delivery People Are America’s Unsung Heroes

We salute you.

1. Because they take the time to get to know you.

2. And let you in on their deepest secrets.

3. They help keep children grounded — literally.

4. They are the only people that you never mind being bothered by.

5. They bring you the things you can’t live without.

6. They keep your packages hidden so no one can ever find them.

8. Seriously, they’re masters of disguise.

9. I mean they’re basically illusionists.

10. They ignore the law in order to guarantee your happiness.

This is a Jimmy John’s delivery care — they pride themselves on their speed.

11. And they know awesome dirty jokes.

12. They hand-deliver the sustenance of life.

13. And they don’t put up with any bullshit.

14. They’re incredibly cuddly.

15. And they bring you important messages from loved ones.

I mean, if you don’t love your urologist, who do you love?

16. They have the best sense of humor.

17. And they’re complete professionals in everything they do.

18. And sometimes accept tips in the form of beer.

19. Did I mention they’re amazing at hiding packages from sticky-fingered neighbors?

20. And they’ll find you — even if the only clue is your nickname.

21. And they never fail to make us smile.

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