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31 Reasons Christmas In New York City Ruins You For Life

It's not the holidays without at least one trip to the Big Apple.

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1. Because the city lights glow brighter in December.

2. And the subway performers take their game to a new level.

3. Because even the ever-stoic library lions get into the holiday spirit.

4. Because even office buildings become slightly tolerable for the season.

5. Because the ornaments on 6th Avenue are literally larger than life.

6. Seriously, LOOK how freakin' big they are!

7. Because the decorations in Rolf's are festive.

9. And seeing It's a Wonderful Life on the big screen at IFC.

10. Because FAO Schwarz will make you feel like a kid again.

11. Because every street you turn down looks like a Christmas postcard...

14. To street-side Christmas tree sales...

15. And even Bloomberg headquarters.

16. Because the subtle charm of Grand Central Station...

17. And the glorious gaudiness of Brooklyn's Dyker Heights.

18. Because the quiet beauty of the Financial District when it's deserted.

19. Because The Rockettes...

21. Because the gorgeous decorations at the jewelry stores no one can afford.

22. Because Saks Fifth Avenue's light show at night.

24. Because these INCREDIBLE Salvation Army workers.

25. Because The Plaza looks just as majestic as when Kevin McCallister first visited.

26. Because snow-covered Park Slope stoops.

27. And nostalgic MTA cars.

28. Because neighborhood welcome signs...

29. Because ice skating in Central Park...

30. And every building that seems to ooze Christmas charm.

31. And because New York City simply does it bigger and better than everyone else.

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