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7 Reasons Carlos Beltran Is The Undisputed King Of The Postseason

Praise him like you should. Yeah, that was a Fatboy Slim reference.

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1. He didn't let this moment define him.

For Mets fans, this is the most traumatizing moment in the past decade. We all know the story: rookie Adam Wainwright introduced his disgusting, knee-buckling curveball to the world and Carlos Beltran left his bat on his shoulder. Beltran looked at strike three, leaving the bases loaded and the Mets lose game 7. The Cardinals went on to win the World Series. This is the lasting memory of Beltran's days in New York, and that's bullshit. Beltran is one of the top 10 players in Mets history. In 2006, he hit 41 home runs and had 116 runs batted in, and against the Cardinals in the NLCS, he hit .296 with 3 home runs. The Mets would not have been in the NLCS without Carlos Beltran — we need to stop crucifying him for not swinging at a disgusting backdoor curveball.

2. Look at the statistics.

Is your mind blown? Because it should be. Considering Beltran has only been in the playoffs four times in his 16-year career, he has made quite the impact. Once the playoffs roll around the dude straight up rakes.


4. His swing is so pretty and effortless it's almost forgettable.

Beltran has always been a victim of making the game look too easy. On the field, it never looked like he was hustling because he glided around the outfield like a gazelle. At the plate, he makes it look just as easy. He generates so much power and wastes very little motion from a perfectly simple swing. It looks as though he's not trying and yet he has the highest slugging percentage in postseason history.

5. His plate coverage is second to none.

This pitch is about five inches off the ground when Beltran drills it over the right-center field fence. He can hit nearly any pitch for power to all fields. Oh yeah, and did I mention he's a switch hitter? There is no one like him. Bow down and praise your postseason king.

6. He's tougher than you think.

You want to talk about power? Look at those guns! They're weapons of mass destruction. You can't bring those things on planes, or in school zones. Even Beltran is surprised by his pythons. I'm running out of cliches, but Beltran has always had the reputation of being a player who struggled with injuries — at least during his Mets years — but look no further than Game 2 of the World Series when he went 2-4 with an RBI a day after leaving the game due to injury.

7. He can put the team on his back.

Consider Game 1 of the NLCS, when Beltran drove in all three runs, gunned down Mark Ellis in extra innings and won the game with a walk-off hit. This is what Carlos Beltran does.