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32 Reasons Being A Buffalo Bills Fan Is More Painful Than Childbirth

No one knows misery like the Western New York faithful.

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2. ...where this happened.

OK, here's the thing: There's no conceivable way a tight end can throw a ball 30 yards on a straight line. I don't care what "video replay" and "technology" tells us, the Music City Miracle was an illegal forward pass.

13. Remember hosting Monday Night Football for the first time in 14 years, forcing Tony Romo into five interceptions and losing on a last second 50-yard field goal?

16. Or trading Marshawn Lynch the Seahawks for a fourth and fifth round draft pick...

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20. Hell, even the best player in franchise history initially didn't want to play for us.

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28. And uh, sometimes we're just insanely intense...

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29. I mean, this is how we celebrate Week 3 victories.

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DISCLAIMER: I am a man and therefore incapable of experiencing childbirth; however, I am a diehard Bills fan and holy shit does it suck.

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