25 Everyday Heroes We Could All Learn From

    The best of us.

    1. The world's best Uber driver:

    2. The store manager who made a bench for this woman who likes to read books in the store:

    3. This incredible dad:

    4. This police officer who made a new wheelchair ramp for a woman who had hers stolen:

    5. This company lending a helping hand for people down on their luck:

    6. The Seattle Police Department:

    7. These great neighbors:

    8. This amazing kid:

    9. This pizza-giving hero:

    10. This touching note from one mom to another:

    11. This helpful and handy neighbor:

    12. Rodney:

    13. The San Antonio Zoo:

    14. This woman helping a confused grandfather buy pads for his granddaughter:

    15. This kind musician:

    16. This believer in karma:

    17. This church:

    18. This person giving out free cat food:

    19. This understanding dog walker:

    20. These neighbors who got a bouncing castle to occupy kids while parents mourned a death in the family:

    21. The Japanese World Cup soccer team:

    22. This donut shop who left donuts out for the newspaper deliverymen:

    23. This retired neighbor who cleaned up the debris from neighbors' lawns after a recent storm:

    24. This good samaritan:

    25. And these former students who donated book bags and school supplies in lieu of flowers: