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Ranking Johnny Weir's Top 14 Most Fabulous Outfits From The Sochi Olympics

The biggest winner in Sochi was fashion.

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Over the course of the past month Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski became the true breakout stars of the Olympics. Their commentary and chemistry during the figure skating competition was flawless, and so was their sense of style, Weir's especially. Here's a ranking of his fearless, unique and fabulous fashion choices from Sochi.

14. Preppy, By Weir.

13. Flower Power.

12. Pink Perfection.

11. The Puffy Shirt.

10. Fur-bulous.

9. The Leprechaun.

8. Sons of Anarchy.

7. Black Tie.

6. Repurposed Throw Rug.

5. Give Me All The Sequins.

4. 90s Puff Daddy.

3. Slytherin.

2. Sochi Gold.

1. Disco Ball.