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    19 Animals Who Look Like They Had A Rough Night

    "Pass the Advil, please."

    1. This cat who looks like he has now idea how he got here:

    2. This doggo who maybe woke up here:

    3. This guy who does not want to see the sun:

    4. This good boy trying to get a drink at the bar:

    5. This turtle causing minor dorm damage:

    6. This pup cocooned in a blanket:

    7. This cat suffering from Sunday demons:

    8. This cutie with the late-night munchies:

    9. This bad boy who realizes his mistake and can't get out of it:

    10. This smooth criminal:

    11. This dude who doesn't have anything left in the tank:

    12. These two who have "guilty" written across their faces:

    13. This cat who thought this was a good idea at the time:

    14. This pup who's like, "I live here now.":

    15. This poor guy who just can't get to that 8 a.m. class:

    16. This kitten who definitely didn't need that extra catnip:

    17. And this raccoon who's like "this is really more comfortable than it looks":