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    Posted on Oct 29, 2015

    27 Pictures That Prove Placement Is Everything


    1. This longing stare:

    2. This interesting innuendo:

    3. This strategic bit of teamwork:

    4. This unfortunate suggestion:

    5. This perfectly spread surprise:

    6. This fabulous mud splatter:

    7. The very impressive price tag placement:

    8. This suggestion:

    9. This conehead:

    10. This presumptuous job ad:

    11. This perfectly named restaurant:

    12. This brilliant bar code:

    13. These delicate hands holding on to their berries:

    14. These teammates who ain't nothing to fuck with:

    15. This magazine cover:

    16. This advertisement:

    17. This newspaper cover:

    18. This info graphic:

    19. This table combination:

    20. These movie posters:

    21. The "S" on this team T-shirt:

    22. These mutually beneficial ads:

    23. This temptation:

    24. These perfectly placed billboards:

    25. This sequel to The Shining:

    26. This description of today's hit music:

    27. And this super fun aisle at the supermarket:

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